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Friday, May 17, 2024

24/7 Bliss

There are times when we all reach that beautiful place of exquisite joy and bliss. Perhaps we are viewing a magnificent sunset, perhaps we have been moved by someone’s loving intention and behavior toward us, perhaps we are pursuing the work of our heart and time seems irrelevant and immaterial.

Regardless of what has produced this wonderful state, it is truly something we treasure. We would like to have more of it. We would like to fill our lives with it. And, according to some, we can.

It’s hard to wrap our brains around that thought. Life has lots of challenges and difficulties and we might wonder how can we feel bliss when we are experiencing these moments.

The answer apparently lies in our vibrational level and in our intention.

Things which operate at the same vibrational level are attracted to each other. Those that are not must rearrange themselves or leave.

If we begin the day in a wonderful, highly motivated, high energy state (translate: high vibration) and then have a debilitating physical experience or emotional upset we could choose to invite the pain or stress or frustration to join us in our higher vibration. If we can hold the vibration we were already experiencing, the physical ailment or upset must either raise its vibration (and, thereby, eliminate the pain or stress) or leave the premises since we have already staked and are now keeping our claim to this high vibrational note..ergo, lower vibrations (translate pain or upset) must find another home.

Everything depends on our intention. Do we want to maintain the higher state of joy and connection to all that is? Are we willing to make that a conscious intention? And, even more importantly, do we believe that we are spiritual beings occupying by our very nature this beautiful, high vibration…unless we choose to dip into the density of earth school to experience those lower states of being?

Bruce Lipton, leading edge scientist and author of The Biology of Belief, points out that our DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts. And our DNA controls our life.

The choice is apparently in our hands. Do we want to send ourselves the positive message and belief that we, as spiritual beings, are capable of reaching and maintaining that glorious high vibration or do we want to send the message that we are subject to circumstances outside ourselves and, therefore, are victims when these difficulties occur?

It might be fun to practice holding our higher vibration when these challenges appear and perhaps discover delight in the knowingness that it is we who determine the direction and create the enchantment, joy and bliss of our day.

                                    Marie Helena

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