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Sunday, June 9, 2024

What If?

Come along with me for a moment on a lovely sojourn into What If Land. Imagine yourself in the midst of heavenly moments that soothe and silken your soul. Hear and see and intuit the many love messages coming to you from EVERYWHERE.

What if…you could find in every person and in everything you encountered a message of love coming directly to you! What if…you believed that Love is the guiding principle of the universe and that it cannot be otherwise. What if…you only had to learn to lift the green leaves and ivy (metaphorically speaking) to find the heart of each flower! What a lovely and delightful occupation!

Perhaps the love message is the knowingness that you are truly being listened to. Perhaps it is the effort put into running errands for you. Perhaps the love is the time someone takes to read what you have written and respond to it... or the effort someone makes to prepare a meal for you that you simply adore…or take you shopping…or share coffee with you…or take your hand and simply hold it…or make you laugh at the silly moments in life...or give you a friendly response in the grocery store…or even bark at you in line because you looked like someone who could safely take in someone’s pain…or give you little child hugs that last forever…or try consistently to become a better friend to you or a better partner or parent or child…or tell you exactly how they feel (no matter what that is), giving you the gift of their authenticity…or use the words…I love you so much.

What if…we could learn to find that message of love in every moment. What if?

                                       Marie Helena

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