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Monday, August 30, 2010

Aunt Victoria's Tea Party

I lost my aunt yesterday and it feels like I’m wandering around in the Lost and Found Department. I lost her from this three dimensional home and she found her Higher Self as she was released from the limitations of life on this earth. She had completed her work and, no doubt, is enjoying the commendations of hosts of angels for her persevering heart, tenacity in the face of life’s challenges and continuing and childlike delight in the special gifts we are given.

The reason I think she would be celebrated by the angels is because she had a special connection with them. Many people believe in angels and pray to them, asking for guidance but my Aunt Victoria invited them into her home to display themselves in all of their wondrous glory and playfulness.

A number of years ago she began collecting images of angels. Family and friends joined with her in this delight by gifting her with angel icons of every kind. During Christmastime at her home you could find her tree adorned with angel ornaments and her living room decorated with a beautiful Hummel angel, angel orchestras, angels wearing feathers, snow angels, bear angels, angels bought on trips during family travels, etc. Some of the angels looked serene and serious; others were playful and even flamboyant. Every angel was welcome. Over time, Aunt Vic amassed such a collection of angels that they could not all be displayed at once and most had to be rotated each year. So many boxes were filled with angels that she needed assistance to do the annual Angel transport from their attic room storage to her living room. (What a beautiful metaphor that the angels were housed on high just as we see in Christian art!)

As much as she loved angels, Aunt Vic also loved to talk. She was never at a loss for something to say. She even had to be reminded to open a gift brought to her because she would so delight in conversation. The opportunity to visit with family and friends was as important to her as breathing as she had lost her husband at a very early age and was left to raise four children on her own.

Everyone, I believe, has something to teach us. I think Aunt Victoria’s connection with the angels is one of her special gifts to us. Her love of angels gave birth to the manifestation of the spiritual guidance we all have, the guidance we only need to tune in to. Aunt Vic learned that lesson well. Not only did she surround herself with this beautiful reminder, she shared it with joy and delight with all who visited her, serving her famous home-made cookies while her guests enjoyed the amazing collection of celestial images and glowing candles and the angels, undoubtedly, looked on, nodding and smiling in heavenly approval of her "tea parties".

Our lives always convey a message. And Aunt Vic knew a secret she was delighted to share with everyone. We are all guided in this life by love and caring and inspiration. Aunt Vic just knew where to look to find and celebrate them.

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