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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Incoming Message!

Incoming message!!! Red alert. All hands on deck. This is what we’ve been waiting for. Keep the channel open…no stray thoughts or monkey mind. We are on course here. Yes!!!!!!

How’s that for a Good Morning Message? This was my welcome as I drifted into wakefulness today. I lay in a haze for a little while when suddenly I realized the meaning of that dynamic scene.

Finally, it seems I have solved a problem that’s been plaguing me for forever (excuse the drama…it’s how my emotions like to make themselves known).

The issue is: What does my Higher Self look like and feel like? And now I realize that I have been imagining the stereotype version of this heavenly entity…serene, serious, quiet, awesome and peaceful. Today, I am getting that this is not the complete picture of my Higher Self. At least, it‘s not the picture I am meant to have. All of those qualities are there, undoubtedly, but my Higher Self which has been waiting to be discovered is also full of …I can’t even think of the right words for it…let me try…it’s full of color and I mean COLOR and FUN and CREATIVITY and SILLINESSSUPREME SILLINESS and this feels right to me. Like it’s something I’ve been waiting to recognize.

Here’s what I think brought this on.

I fell off a chair a week ago.

I’m not even going to tell you how or why I did it because I don’t know how or why. Not that I didn’t try to figure it out. Oh, yes, I gave it my best shot. But it remains a mystery. Something I have to embrace, apparently.

So I have been struggling this week, trying to do all of the right things…bringing in my Higher Self to help with the healing. But it’s been hard to do that. When I am experiencing pain, I find it tremendously challenging to go to a place of serenity. However, thankfully, this morning when I awoke I was treated to a delightful vision of my cells having a conversation. They were hard at work puffing up something (I'm not sure what) so that my body would not experience the trauma of the fall. And they were talking about me. They were so happy I had finally found them. They were filled with love for me…unconditional love and compassion for my struggles. They were 100% rooting for me, no…1000% rooting for me (remember, I am a drama queen both in the 3rd dimension and in my Higher Self). And they knew that a message was coming in that I needed to receive and record.

This picture felt right. It felt consoling. It made me happy. My Higher Self is a riot! It took me a long time to figure this out. And now that I have, I am filled with joy and welcoming and relief and gratitude.

Everything is working for me. All is well. Regardless of what has occurred, my Higher Self (in this case, expressed as the cells in my body) is there for me…waiting for direction, delighted to help, wanting to help. And...now... it's no effort to call in this image…I’m sure it will appear in my consciousness all by itself as needed.

I am filled with a new energy by this exciting picture. My Higher Self gave me what I needed to get up and let this message express itself through my writing. Thank you is my response. Thank you…and I’ll have more. This article started writing itself while I was still in bed and I could hardly get to the computer quickly enough to get it down. I am not composing this. I am sending it on to you from a GLORIOUS SOURCE. It’s your present…I've already received mine!

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