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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Manifesting and 11/11/11

You may have heard many theories about the meaning of 11/11/11 but here's one I want to share with you. 

This day...this eleventh day of the eleventh month... is one during which we are able to MANIFEST very, very quickly. 

I received this information courtesy of LifeLine Practitioner, Georgiann Voissem, and it felt so important I wanted to share it with all of you!

On the eleventh day of November choose to place yourself in the most beautiful, most positive frame of mind and emotion and  let your imagination soar to bring in  the most wonderful things you desire for your delight and wonderment.  

Take care to be conscious of what you think about and ENJOY the special magic of the day.

image from mediumability.com 

If you would like to read some reflections on MANIFESTING,
I have included three of my earlier blog posts directly following this message:

Harold and the Purple Crayon  (for the child in you)
Pocket Treasures (for some practical ideas on how to make this happen)
A Quantum Leap (for a more advanced way to manifest)

or, read all three to get a broader view of this wonderful gift  just waiting for our attention!

Harold and the Purple Crayon


a reflection on a book by Crockett Johnson

There’s a Harold in all of us. But, sadly, he often gets lost when we grow up. Harold (the innocent, all-powerful, all trusting child) is untouched by the “lessons” we are supposed to learn…That we have to be careful…and safe…and do what we are told to do.
Harold knows that he already has everything he needs. To him life is simply a wonderful adventure and he creates whatever he wants to bring into his world by drawing it with his purple crayon and then letting the fun begin.

On a purely intuitive level, Harold knows that he is creating his life. He embraces this gift and is grateful, making choices that are delightful, supportive, adventurous and full of bliss. He is happy and hopeful and his purple sketches reflect these beautiful treasures. So he draws more of “happy” and “hopeful”.

This delightful creature is not just a fantasy. He is accessible to all of us. Ideally, the journeys of our lives will ultimately lead us back to the realization that Harold is still in our hearts, waiting to be let out to play.

I went for a walk tonight and heard the melodious crickets chirping with
the rhythm of life so I am going to draw more crickets and
more musical

I received some beautiful emails from my friends this week so I am going
to draw more friends and more email messages.

I saw the powerful waves at Grand Haven last week wash majestically over
the pier and so I am going to draw even bigger

Thank you...is the message of my heart. Thank you…and I’ll have more.

Harold, the magical creature, is our child heart's manifestation of our desire for connection with the beauty and hopefulness of life…a dream we all share.

What could the purple crayon do for you?

"Every child is an artist.
The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."

Pablo Picasso

Pocket Treasures

The pockets in our jeans, shirts and skirts are a designer's nod to our desire to keep some very special things close to us.
This might include a tissue, a comb, a key. Something we do not want to be without..just in case the need for it arises.

Recently, I have found a new thing to put in my pockets. And, yes, the need for it does arise.

It's a list of what I want to experience on that day. My conscious intention. My desire to call in various states of emotion to support me.

Somehow writing this message down always anchors my proposal for the day.

I started on a day when I could really feel what Eckhart Tolle calls the "pain body".
And this is what I wrote:

Releasing of the Pain Body with Wisdom of the Lesson.

It worked. Lots of great insights came in that day.

Here's another list I used recently:

No Expectations
Intensely Present
Creating from One Moment to the Next
Choosing Joy and Love
Making Room for the New

Again...another brilliant experience.

This morning I had to go to the dentist so I was busy at my computer. And this list was long...because I needed some extra reinforcement:

Enter into the Now
Love and Joy

I emerged from the dentist's office with a clean bill of health (after teeth cleaning and X-rays) but, most importantly, in a wonderful state of mind.

So I ask the question: What's in your pockets?

Perhaps you might want to record a conscious intention for the day and tuck the note into your jeans, shirt or skirt pocket. Notify the Divine Universe that you want in on the positivity and delight circling the globe.

Those glorious virtues come from the beautiful way you choose to enter each moment of your day.

And your pocket companions can be a great reminder of who you aspire to be.

A Quantum Leap

The Universal Mind is perfection. It perfectly creates what you think about.
How can you best use your connection to this vast, all-powerful force?
You can create miracles by

Sanaya Roman
Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self

Much has been written in the last several years about the power of manifestation, bringing into physicality that which we have imagined...and felt strong emotional desire for. Usually, the formula for this process instructs that we imagine the object, relationship or situation in vivid, colorful hues and let ourselves feel our intense yearning for it.

Currently, I am reading a fascinating book entitled Spiritual Growth by Sanaya Roman which gives a new and different perspective on manifestation.

Roman talks about the immense power of working first with the energy of what we want to manifest before we even envision its physical appearance. Roman asks us to IMAGINE a grid work of light around our heads, connecting upward to the Universal Mind. The higher the grid work extends, the more beautiful and delicate it becomes. (At this point we are moving our awareness into the world of essence.)

Next, Roman suggests we meet the unmanifested energy and use our imagination to picture it. He recommends considering what this energy would look like…how it would move…its rhythm…its dance…its musicality…its nuances…its strength…its power…its beauty…its texture…its appeal to our senses. Then he suggests we make the energy vision even more flowing, open and harmonious, adding sounds and fragrance, picturing the unmanifested energy as alive and interacting with us. Roman tells us to luxuriate in this vision and bathe in its magic

Now we are ready to bring this breathtaking energy into physical form. We transform the vision into subatomic particles of light, with as high a vibration as possible. We see the particles becoming form. We bring them together into a shape and mass. Then we open our hearts to receive this very personal energy we have designed from our desire. We greet it with LOVE. We let it next move into our DNA, then our cells and then, finally, into our emotions and mind.

Now we give thanks for this gift and make a place for it in our lives. We are ready to recognize and receive it when it appears. We feel the CONNECTION to it. It is becoming part of us.

A quantum leap? Acceleration of our spiritual growth? More joy, harmony, peace and love?

You decide.

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