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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sleeping with Books under the Bed

OK, Everyone... It's time for me to make an admission I've been holding onto for over a year.  

I've been waiting for the perfect moment and this feels like it has arrived.

I sleep with books under my bed.

The first time I heard about this idea of how to gain new information (which was a number of years ago) I thought it was way, way out there.   I asked myself:   How in the world could we gain the knowledge  of what is in a book by simply sleeping over it?

Well, a lot of things have changed for me. 

I now have a very different view of Energy and how the Divine Universe and the Biology of Belief work.  And, I have come to the conclusion that if we can send out our loving thoughts through vibrational energy, then the Magic of Energy can do astounding things.


For example, through the theory of the Hundredth Monkey :
When a certain tribe of monkeys began to develop a new skill and the number of monkeys able to perform that skill reached one hundred...monkeys all around the world  began to demonstrate the skill.


And the theory (now proven by Dr. Masaru Emoto) that water holds feelings and energy (see my earlier blog post below, The Glorious Messenger).            

And the theory about how we CREATE our lives by our conscious choices...for example, changing our view of ourselves from victim to beneficiary of a spiritual lesson (see blog post below, Once Upon a Time).


And... my own personal encounter of learning to Surrender to an Experience Itself
(let myself really feel the discomfort and not try to escape it) which automatically opens the door for Higher Self to send me the wisdom and insights I need to heal myself.

As my faith and trust and belief in all of this grows, Sleeping with Books under the Bed doesn't sound so far-fetched any more.


And I have tried it with amazing results. 

It's not that I get all of the specific knowledge that is contained in the books...it's that I get their WISDOM and it starts to pour out of me right away.

There you have it...one of my 
favorite cutting edge things to do.

Are you of a mind to step out on this spiritual limb and see what the view looks like from this amazing nocturnal Tree of Wisdom?

Don't let the image above overwhelm you as I am only talking about sleeping with one or two books under the bed at a time.  I usually search for the perfect image when I write a blog post and this one seems to embody the essence of my special secret.

image from ofpaperandponies.tumblr.com

Once Upon a Time

As little children we often looked forward to hearing a bedtime story as we were being tucked in for the night.

In this story there were often princes and princesses, magical castles, beautiful pastoral settings with fields of flowers and sunshine sprinkled all about. Of course, there was also the evil stepmother or stepfather (or some such figure) who represented trouble but always, always the good prince and princess prevailed in the kingdom. In the end of the story everyone rejoiced and PEACE reigned everywhere.

We loved those stories because they engaged our imagination and desire for drama and also because good always triumphed over evil.

These bedtime stories which soothed the hearts of little children were truly gifts from the angels because the effect of the stories is that little weary bodies relaxed into a place of comfort and safety and let themselves drift peacefully off into the night.

When we grow up, we somehow feel we have to leave our child’s playthings behind. And so we learn to look at the world as a difficult and sometimes jolting place in which we have been planted. And we feel that there are lots of hard knocks to be endured because we are grown up.

And, because we expect that these things will happen, we invite them into our lives. And when they appear, we suffer.

We suffer because we feel someone is doing something to us…Someone is trying to get into our space…or trying to take what is ours…or trying to get us to do something we don’t feel like doing.
This place of victimhood seems to be part of what we believe is our legacy and we feel we just somehow need to endure it.

And yet, an entirely different outcome is possible.

The same loving magic of our childhood still exists and is just waiting for us to recognize it and let it reenter our lives.

This magic is the principle called Changing Our Story.

Alberto Villoldo
describes it so beautifully in his book Courageous Dreaming. And here is how it goes.

When something happens “to” us, we feel like a victim…like what is happening is beyond our control and that we have to somehow LIVE with it or, perhaps, we might choose to put up some resistance. In either case, our reaction translates to SUFFERING.

But, and this is so very important, when we change our role from victim to HERO (think the glorious bedtime adventures of your childhood), everything looks different…feels different…those beautiful moonbeams have fallen on our lives and have given us a look into what is really happening on a soul level.

If we truly believe that everything in our lives exists to teach us something (and I do), this totally changes the story of our lives. Our lives become an adventure of discovering what new wisdom and insight await us in each set of circumstances.

We believe that we are loved and guided and are being led to astounding discoveries. We become the hero who finds the gold (think alchemy) in every new challenge.

In this way, we are not only empowering ourselves to learn life’s lessons we are also comforting ourselves as we did with our childhood bedtime stories. If WE become the heroes of our stories, if we accept the challenge of discovering what there is to learn… we are left with feelings of joy and satisfaction.

Like being tucked in by someone who loves us…who has just given us the gift of the bedtime story... but this time we are giving it to ourselves.

Once upon a time…they lived happily ever after!

Not just a childhood fantasy…but a formula for dealing with life.

 The Glorious Messenger

The Potential to Transform Your World View

Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward them.

He found that water from clear springs and water that has been exposed to loving words shows brilliant, complex, and colorful snowflake patterns. In contrast, polluted water, or water exposed to negative thoughts forms incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colors. The implications of this research create a new awareness of how we can positively impact the earth and our personal health.

from the cover jacket of The Hidden Messages in Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto

Water is such a wonderful bounty of the earth.

It helps sustain our physical bodies, provides power sources for our technology and extends a loving embrace as we immerse ourselves in its pleasures.

Now science is discovering that water holds even more for us than we could have ever imagined.

Dr. Emoto's experiments have shown us that water holds memory and has emotion and provides a reflection to us of ourselves.

Our consciousness has the ability to change the composition of water. And, because our bodies are made up of 70% water and we, therefore, are dependent on water to sustain us...it becomes very important that water reflect the Highest Good man can imagine...i.e, love, gratitude, appreciation, joy.

We are the determiners of what that water will reflect.

And here is the most exciting news...we can use water to heal ourselves and the earth.

I was a part of a global experiment when the waters of Katrina decimated the beautiful city of New Orleans. People around the world (linked together by the internet, a true, contemporary gift of consciousness and unity) all prayed together for the cleansing of the waters contaminated by Katrina.

Three weeks later I noticed an article in U.S. World Today commenting that authorities were mystified to find that an analysis of the water from Katrina yielded no more sediment than what would be found in an ordinary storm.

Just a few days ago another global experiment was conducted as people around the world joined in prayer at a given point in time to pray for the cleansing of the waters contaminated by the nuclear plants in Japan. The prayers were for forgiveness of Mother Earth and gratitude and appreciation of the gifts bestowed on us by the waters affected by the devastation of the tsunami.

How awesome it felt to be a part of such a global intercession...to feel so connected with the world in expressing feelings of caring and compassion.

Recently, I read a suggestion in an Expect Wonderful message about writing our prayers and hopes on paper and placing the water we drink directly on top of them. I did this yesterday with amazing results...not only did the blessed water taste like it was embodied with grace I also received direct spiritual inspiration regarding my requests.

I have tried this before by taping messages of love and gratitude onto water containers and have also held a glass or bottle of water over a Tibetan bowl I was striking to invoke a higher vibration. In each case, the water tasted different...more life giving, more loving...what seemed like a response from the Divine Universe to my requests.

The astounding properties of water suggest an awesome consideration.

If the world and all of its gifts exist to reflect and respond to us, what does that tell us about our journeys?

To me, it says:

We are not alone.

We are loved beyond measure.

We only need ask to receive whatever help we are seeking.

That help will always come in the way which will serve our Highest Good. And it may not arrive in the form we have envisioned.

But that is because Spirit knows what is the BEST way to learn the lessons our souls are seeking through the fulfillment of our desires. The development of faith and trust in this process will ensure our comfort and joy in this journey we call life.

The response of water to our consciousness is a beautiful example of the RESOURCES with which Spirit gifts us.

Let us not fail to take note of this Glorious Messenger!

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