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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Hopi Drain Out, Universal Life Force and Clapping

I have read and reflected on the beauty of  Spirituality over the course of several years.  

One day I noticed  that I was developing a new awareness and it pleased me on a very deep level.

I began to see a small energetic field around people which has been described as etheric energy

The field is clear and transparent and outlines the body. 

The energy that I see usually only extends a couple of  inches or less from the body but sometimes I see a much larger etheric energy field around a person...for example, when I observe someone singing a spiritual song with great fervor.  And, occasionally, while walking, I will catch a glimpse of someone with a much larger energy field outlining his body.  (When this occurs, I never fail to wonder what beautiful Love must be at work in this person's life.)

After awhile I began to see etheric energy around trees (which I loved) and, later, even around  objects like mailbox posts (which delighted me even more).
I get quite a kick out of having this view of luminescence.  It feels like I am walking around in my own private  STAR TREK episode.

This on-going experience is a big part of my interest and delight in energetic exercises.
  Here are three exercises I have learned about and want to share with you.

The  FIRST EXERCISE I learned about from my sister who told me about an ancient energy practice called The Hopi Drain Out which is used to move negative energy OUT of the body.  (I believe the Hopi are a tribe of ancient Indians.)  The concept sounded wonderful to me and I was very anxious to try it.

Here is how THE HOPI DRAIN OUT works.

Sit comfortably in a chair and place one hand on wherever in your body you are experiencing pain.  Point your other arm and hand to the floor; keep the palm open as you are now going to invite negative energy to leave your body.  

You do this by visualizing the negative energy moving out your open palm to the floor in the form of sludge. 

(I have found this to be an excellent visual  because when I practice this, it is very easy to sense the sludge folding over itself while it accumulates on the floor.  At times I can fill great areas of the room with the sludge in my imagination and it feels relieving to sense it moving out of my body.)

When you feel as if you have emptied this negative energy from your body, take the hand that was pointed to the floor and place it now on that same area of pain.  Then take the other arm and point your arm and fingers  straight up to the heavens, inviting Universal Life Force to fill the space that has been emptied in your body.

I have used this practice on many occasions with great success.

SECONDLY...also from my sister...is a BREATHING EXERCISE using Universal Life Force.  This is a very simple one.

Ask the Divine Universe for Universal Life Force to enter each of your cells on a long and easy inhale of breath, imagining a blazing white Light of protection and an enveloping green Light of health moving  all through your body. 

Then, on a slow and complete exhale, send all the aches, pains, blockages and negativity out to the ends of the universe with infinite love and gratitude for this Divine Gift.

My sister uses this breathing exercise often during the day and it works beautifully to relieve any pain for her.


And, THIRD, from my chiropractor... here's a very succinct and direct action you can take when you feel lost in negative energy and decide to make a conscious choice to release it and fill yourself instead with Universal Life Force.  

Simply CLAP your hands as you verbally express the choice, thereby notifying the Divine Universe that you are ready to release  the distress and rejuvenate your mind, body and emotions.  

I particularly love this move...it feels so empowering!

It is my belief that everything physical that exists is expressing a spiritual reality and the real answer...and ONLY true answer...to a physical problem is to address it from a SPIRITUAL PERSPECTIVE

I believe that pain and distress occur because we have disconnected from pure Love and, when we attempt to reconnect to Love, we are reaching out to the Source of Love, the Divine Universe.  

It is the Divine Universe which demonstrates its Unconditional Love for us through Creation and Creation expresses itself through ENERGY.  

When we ask for the purity of Divine Loving Energy to fill our bodies (as in The Hopi Drain Out. the breathing exercise accessing Universal Life Force and the Clapping Notification we give to the Divine Universe),  we are reconnecting with Love and allowing our bodies to do the work of healing...something they are innately designed to do.

The  ENERGY of this glorious world...this magnificent source of empowerment...is ours for the asking.  

It patiently awaits our Awareness and Attention so that we can move continuously toward Love,  heal ourselves and fulfill our spiritual destiny.

image from monkseal.wordpress.com

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  1. Could it be that we have just received three great ways to have a bit more control over the rough spots of our lives? It is definitely worth trying each one to see if it might work for us!