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Friday, December 16, 2011

Look What's Waiting for You!

The gift of LOVE is one we give ourselves.  

Our capacity to give generous love...unconditional love...the kind where we are concerned only for the welfare of the other personcomes, I think, after we have healed ourselves...

AFTER we have recognized our limiting beliefs and done the work needed to accept them, bless them as merely evidence of where we are at this point in time and then, release them.  

Whatever is still haunting us (the thought that we are not good enough, the worry that we can't count on others, the fear we will never find the love we desire, for example) needs to be healed.

Once we recognize that our journey has been to learn that we are ALREADY  perfect (as evidenced in our Higher Selves) and that the pain and turmoil we have encountered are ONLY the price of the lessons we chose to learn...

Once we accept the work we agreed to do to learn those lessons and we do it….
it is then...at that point…

that the extraordinary gift of being able to GIVE generous, beautiful, heavenly-blessed, unconditional LOVE is possible.

And that's where OUR gift comes in...
the gift FOR US

because experiencing the giving of this kind of generous love is to travel to an almost unimaginable place where there are layers upon layers of grace and ease and beauty and contentment

The experiencing of THIS gift is..etherealsoothingthe most extravagant blessing

When, after our challenging work, we arrive at this moment and we are easily and effortlessly able to give that generous LOVE . . . we are ASTOUNDED to experience what is waiting FOR US. 

That is why the giving of  GENEROUS LOVE  is the gift we give ourselves.

Perhaps THE signature gift of Christmas!

Is this gift on your Christmas list?

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