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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Earth Journey: Clubhouse Rules

Everyone is a charter member. 

No fees collected.  Individual dues are delineated as you recognize the lessons you have chosen to learn.

Courage is a given.  (Otherwise, you would not belong to The Club.)

Challenges available on a daily basis for your consideration and, especially, for your enlightenment.

Unlimited Spiritual Assistance for all activity.

Informal support groups may be accessed at any time.

Personal guidance in the form of intuition is innately infused at time of birth. 

Though not always outwardly expressed (or even consciously acknowledged), each club member holds a heart
connection with every other associate.

All choices are free decisions with accompanying consequences.

Bliss always available when pursuing your joy.

Love (in the best form possible at any given time) is the Source of every action.

Your Highest Good is always considered.

Daily practice of these rules always brings you to the Next, Grandest Version of Yourself.

Your Higher Self is always on duty to assist you.

image from lovechildren.wordpress.com

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