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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Take Your Body out for a Walk

You know how it's sometimes difficult to carry through with all of  the wonderful ideas we have for how to be fit and healthy?  

The problem, I think, is that sometimes we don't "feel" like doing  these great strategies...and  our "feelings" rule.

I'll bet you are sighing remembering all of the great promises you have made to yourself and then not followed through on. 

Well, here's a way to REFRAME this challenge and it's one that might get you really moving.

Instead of waiting until your body "feels" like going for a walk, do something radically different...Take Your Body Out for a Walk.


This action presupposes that our consciousness does not have to fall prey to the moments of inertia and lack of motivation we sometimes experience.  It is built on the sound premise that  OUR  CONSCIOUSNESS  RULES and what we "decide"...GOES.


Here's the great thing about this approach. 

After you take your body out for a walk a few times, it gets used to the new plan of action and starts to adapt .  

"If I have to do this, I might as well find a way to make it easy."     
Then, a little later,

"This isn't so bad...the scenery is kind of interesting.  Oh, look, there's that frolicsome dog out again...I wonder if he'll come over so I can pet him."

After a while (and this may be hard to believe), your body will want to go out ALL ON ITS  OWN.


I experienced this fabulous transformation myself.  

After I took  a delightful walk on the pier at Grand Haven (at Lake Michigan) and I returned home, the first thing my body wanted to do was go for another walk.  So I did.  And I loved it.


This approach can also work in other ways (and I bet you'll be able to come up with many original ideas.)


Here's yet another example of how it helped me.

Because I had a problem with dehydration I decided to make a real effort to drink more

And it was difficult at first. 

I could get a few sips in at a time but I wasn't making stellar progress.  Then someone told me that he drinks a liter or so of water within ten minutes of awakening.  That sounded like A LOT to me but I decided to give it a try.

Now I don't pull this off in ten minutes but within an hour or so of waking I can now drink a liter of water (or more) and I am loving it.  

What's even better...my BODY is loving it.  

I cannot believe the difference in how I feel when I get that  water into me.  It's like my cells have been waiting for me to stream it in so they could do their work.  I feel fantastic now because of drinking that water.



my consciousness raising;

my belief that the messages that got me moving and drinking came from  the Divine Universe via other persons and circumstances;

and my great love of taking on new challenges.


It's astounding what important messages are just waiting for us to notice them and take action.


Taking your body out for a walk and giving it lots of water to drink could be one of the fastest ways to get yourself in top form!

Kudos to the Divine Universe waiting to give the gift of a MEMO meant  just for us!

image from picgifs.com

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