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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Assume the Position!



American Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy says when you are ready to step into your dream... 

ready to take the first foundational step into the new world you are envisioning...

let that step be a BIG, BOLD ONE that lands you right on CENTER STAGE in your dress rehearsal "world".

This is the place where you quietly take two minutes and 
ASSUME THE POSITION of whatever... whomever you wish to become. 

And in these two minutes you breathe deeply and take on the physical stance of the person you want to be.

Your posture, your arms, your head, your facial expression need to demonstrate confidence, power, success.  They should even EXAGGERATE these concepts.

 There should be no mistaking the "authority" of the persona you adopt


Cuddy says,

the position of your body will change your mind (into believing you already ARE what you want to become), 

your mind will change your behavior 

and that change in your behavior will determine the outcome of your experience.

We already know that our bodies mirror our emotions but science is now telling us that our emotions will mirror our bodies.

This actually sounds like FUN.   It certainly doesn't take long (just 2 minutes) and it's creatively satisfying to "assume the position" as if it already belongs to you. Play acting, really.  Kid stuff (and we all know how much fun kids have).

So maybe you're not feeling well.  Adopt the position of high energy and vibrant wellness and watch these awesome states of being brighten your disposition.

Got housework to do?  Mary Poppins-it!  That "spoonful of sugar" will turn the trick.

About to give a speech or presentation...inhale the Universal Life Force (just waiting for your invitation) and exhale anything blocking your way.

Awww, c'mon...you can do it (silly though it may seem at first glance).
Once your mind gets the message from your body and science says it WILL happen, you are Good to Go.

Actually a pretty easy and fun way to  dive into your dreams.

So give it a try...have fun...experiment.

The confidence and power you desire will be yours because all you have to do  is  IMAGINE what success will look like and ASSUME THE POSITION!

image from mariscribbles.com. 

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