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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Hear Your Heart

Our ears can hear the words that a person speaks  and also the inflection and nuance present in those words... but there is something even more important for us to listen to...and that something is
the message of his heart
This very special treasure is something we come to know over time and through experience and sometimes it is something we can sense about someone. 

We are able to witness and perceive the glory of a person's heart when he is centered...peaceful...in his power.

But this is not always what is happening.

Sometimes the challenges and trials of earth school feel so great for someone that he reacts from his stress, fatigue or frustration and sometimes from his unhealed pain. 

And his reaction in this moment could easily feel as if it is directed at you.

The message is really for his personal emotional space where he is attempting to navigate his reaction to a  painful trigger. The words he has blurted out are his first attempt to express his distress. The release has not yet taken the path of Higher Self and spiritual  evolution.  

It is stuck on the first rung of (very human) expression. And it may seem aimed at the closest available object and, in this case,  that object may be you.

This moment is such a blessed and holy opportunity to offer love and support to the person who is confronting an old trigger or pain or who is worn down by the stress he is experiencing in his life.  

We can do so much good at this moment by NOT listening to the words of release that appear to stumble out in our direction but by
LISTENING INSTEAD TO THE PERSON'S HEART which we have already come to sense and know. 

As evidenced in his voice, inflection and words, the openness of his heart  has been temporarily blocked by the emotion of hurt or pain but we can choose love to help us access it while he undergoes what is essentially the first stages of self-confrontation.  And  by choosing love we help set the stage for the work he has to do with the issue that has come up for his awareness, acceptance and release.

By affirming that WE KNOW what resides in his heart, we help him access that awareness himself...a step he must take to deal with the issue.

This is a unique opportunity waiting to be recognized.

What a beautiful gift we can give to this iñdividual...remembrance and awareness of his "Best Self" communicated to him with gentleness and caring...and in the moment when he most needs to feel that LOVE!

Image from thevectorart.com


originally printed June 14, 2012

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