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Friday, February 3, 2017

My Sibs

I have this brother.  My little brother. Over six feet tall.  Smart as a whip.  During our growing up years, he tried to convert the family to Adelle Davis' nutritional philosophy before it was even in vogue. 

He was definitely born in the wrong century.  Likes building furniture with his own hands.

And, oh, how he loves water.  He always manages to land someplace where there is plenty of it… Michigan, Florida, Oregon, California.  He was an underwater diver and built his own underwater housing for his camera.  As a young teenager.

My brother has my dad's personality.  A little reserved but when he has something to say, it's definitely worth listening to.  Often very dry.  Very funny.

Then there's my sister.  Now there's an angel for you.  Once we had a dressmaker design a pair of wings for her. She still has them...in a closet or under her bed, I think. 

She is always finding ways to surprise and delight us.  And herself, too.  She travels the world...been to Italy, Greece, Ireland, Egypt, the Galápagos Islands, the Mayan Ruins.  I have actually lost track of her adventures but I am pretty sure she's planning to go to Iceland this October and she's just returned from visiting Hogwart's Castle at the Harry Potter Theme Park.  Her life mantra is "Who's in Charge?" inspiring the rest of the troops to seize the day!

That wry brother of ours likes to make irreverent comments to my sister and me from time to time.  Here's one of my favorites…

"You two have no taste...you like everyone."

The really funny thing about this comment is that he turned around and married someone just like us.  I mean...how cool is that!

Though the three of us live across the continent from each other, the miles do not separate us.  When one of us needs something, we are All In.  We share our everyday adventures and challenges and pass on whatever worldly wisdom we have managed to acquire.

My mom and dad must have done something very right for us to feel...and stay...so connected.
Thank you, my darling  bro and sis.  I've got your back, too.

                                                                                           Marie Helena

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