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Friday, July 7, 2017

Hold the Crying Baby


Hold the crying baby.

This is a story of LOVE.

We all know what to do when a baby cries.

We check to see if the baby is hungry...whether it is uncomfortable or if something is distressing it.

If we do not find a problem, we scoop the baby up into our arms and hold the crying baby, offering it the warmth, peacefulness and security of our embrace.

Holding the crying baby is a gift of pure and unconditional love that we do by instinct and we freely extend this gift to others in need.

But it is also important to extend this gift
TO OURSELVES when we are.experiencing an unanticipated and distressing reaction to something that has occurred.


Our earth journey is fraught with many challenges, many mountains to climb and many unprecedented heights to scale.

When we experience a dramatic and emotional reaction to something that has happened, we may not even be sure whether it is coming from a person or event.  

While we are lost in the emotions washing over us and we are trying to identify the source of our distress, it is important for us to remember that the reaction is coming from our unhealed pain. 

And because we are in pain this is when we need to hold our crying baby, giving it unconditional love and acceptance… making it feel soothed and supported and cared for.

It is so important that we give attention to the needs which are making themselves known to us with such dissonance and uneven energy.

If, instead, we berate or judge ourselves…we create an overlay on the situation and obstruct the process of gaining a soul perspective about what is really occurring.

What is needed is to hold the crying baby. 

When we receive the comfort and compassion we so desperately need we center ourselves and are better able to discern what is truly happening and what we can do to restore peace to our hearts.

Hold the crying baby.  See what
can do.

                                                                               Marie Helena

image from Baby Clipart.net

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