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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Beneath the Rocky Surface

  Sometimes the Universe delivers its messages to us through very surprising messengers.  Ones we may not recognize nor appreciate.  And that is the reason why we should pay special attention to what is happening to us even when it's not comfortable...like when someone confronts us or calls us out about something we said or did.  Our first reaction may be "Ouch!" but a beautiful light may lie beneath that rocky surface, a light that will empower us to stretch and grow.

Here's the reason there could be a hidden gift in this picture and it may surprise you:
It's because what you hear may help make you FREE.  I heard this sentiment expressed a couple of weeks ago and did a double take on it until I really thought about it and heard the reasoning behind it.

We are not always able to see ourselves objectively and certainly not when our emotions have become embroiled.  Therefore, we may be missing important information about what is going on inside us.  A bystander, friend (or even foe) or Significant Other, however, may be able to see something we just might want or need to pay attention to...something that is keeping us tethered to unconscious behavior and something that is not in our best interest, self-satisfying though it may be.   And, if we tune in and really hear that "something" pointed out, we can at least be aware of it and entertain the possibility that it has some truth in it...a truth that may be really difficult for us to hear or face for some unknown reason. 

And, in fact, the individual who makes the unwelcome comment may be a heavenly messenger who actually helps us reach the next,grandest version of ourselves, although in a most unanticipated manner.  The Divine Universe may be deeming us ready to step up and deal and, if we have the courage to step out of our default reaction and into the possibility of a new view of ourselves, we may receive the grace and guidance to make a stunning transformation.

Of course, we will have to discard what might be some "colorful" wrappings on the message (heated emotion, edgy tone, flushed face) and find the gem that could be hiding behind the masquerade.  And here's another relevant point, if WE feel a reaction to someone else's reaction, then you can bet there is something big we're carrying inside that has just hit the light of day.

 Opportunity is knocking.  Is anyone there?

The question is:   Will we find the soul message that could be buried beneath the discomfort, an edgy encounter that may be necessary because we have missed earlier clues sent our way?

Divine Messengers come in many disguises offering us the opportunity to tap into our courage and wisdom to check and see if a message is waiting to get our attention.  

Who is REALLY sitting beside you?

                                                                                   Marie Helena

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