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Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Whenever we meet someone who has some wonderful quality we would like to possess we are filled with admiration and awe.
How wonderful, we think, if we could also exhibit that impressive virtue!

To put it in colloquial and contemporary terms: We want us some of that.

And here’s the fabulous news. We can get it!

We do this by utilizing the fascinating process of ENTRAINMENT. For our purposes here we could call it tuning our brainwaves to a desired frequency.

INTENTION is always the instrument of delivery. 

Here’s the scenario.

We see something we admire in another…we observe the individual’s trait in action and are impressed …we wonder what our life would be like if we acted in this manner, if we had the wisdom and skill to possess and exercise this powerful artistry…

Then, we INTEND to receive the gift by choosing to move to its vibrational level and asking for it to be given to us.

The Divine Universe exists to support and encourage us. It hears our request and proceeds to manifest it if this is something we truly want and have expressed it through our emotions and it is for our Highest Good.

This process is called entrainment. (to entrain means to carry along or transfer)

Just think about the exponential way we can grow when we understand that we can ask to develop the most beautiful gifts we see in others and then enjoy the seeds of that wonderful quality which are implanted in our soul.

Like all seedlings, this beginning needs to be nurtured by us.
Watered…Presented to the Sun…Enjoyed…Appreciated. 

As nature takes its course in our gardens, so also does The Divine deliver to us the bounty we desire…and in the most awesome and powerful way.

The beautiful thing here is…

We do not have to concern ourselves with the details. We need only ask for our heart’s desire and let the Divine do the heavy lifting.

Perhaps one of the reasons the gifts of another exist is to show us what is possible in our lives.  Our only requirement in this work is to place requests and watch with gratitude and delight as they are filled for us!

image from Shapeshifter/VisionaryMusic.com

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