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Friday, November 20, 2020


When I can't sleep, I sometimes listen for the trains that run through Rockville at night.  For some reason, that relaxes me...            

 Duane Brewster

I think the sound of trains is relaxing, too. Unfortunately, I live miles away from a train track!  But when I was a little kid I could hear the trains in the night and it was a reassuring, comforting sound.

Susannah MacDonald

When we finally turn in for the night and settle our weary bodies onto the comfort of an inviting mattress and sumptuous, down-filled pillows, there is an elusive, mystifying silence that seems to overlay the moment.  It's as if this silence has always been there nestled gently under the rush of activities of the day, but now we are finally quiet enough to hear it. 

And this silence has a very dramatic property.  It is a reminder of the beauty of the stillness of our souls, the stillness of peace and serenity when we are not engaged and engulfed by our to-do lists.  The only thing able to flood the stillness now is the treadmill of our mind making its daily run over what remains unfinished or unresolved.  It is now that we desperately need to put that mental exercise to rest.  It is now that we need to breathe into our hearts and surrender our cares.  And it is now that the steady and gentle hum of the passing train reminds us that we are safe...we are "home"...as we fall softly into that peace.

Interestingly, if we could peek under the many sparkling Christmas trees standing tall in our homes filled with gorgeous lights and adorned with our traditional ornaments, we would often see a child's beloved train circling the beautiful "celebration".  

"A Little Child Shall Lead Them" Isaiah 11:1-10

                                                                                               Marie Helena

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