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Friday, November 13, 2020


Close your eyes for a moment, and imagine how you would relate to the rest of the world if  LOVE was always moving through you. 

  Don Miguel Ruiz


The sun, the rain and the soil nurture seeds which have been planted, gracing them with the life force to bloom into brilliant blossoms.  

Propellers of planes 
in motion engage the natural laws of the universe, lifting and moving massive machinery effortlessly through the air. 

The waves of our oceans methodically surge and swell, laying their burdens thankfully upon the sandy shore.  

We, also, are gifted with a spiritual infrastructurewhich has the authority to inspire, nurture, empower and sustain us as we traverse our lives.   It is Love which is our sun, our power.  It is Love that provides the wind beneath our wings. 
 It is Love whose rhythm moves us elegantly through our journey, aligning us with the Truth of the Universe and gifting us with the grace of surrender.

We do not need to engage in the weariness of "trying to make things happen", only 

a tapping in to the force which has created life itself.

                                                          Marie Helena


image from sitsshow.blogspot.com

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