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Friday, March 12, 2021

Safe in the Net


When acrobats and trapeze artists leap into the air they are protected by a STRONGRESILIENT and VERY LARGE NETwaiting to catch them, if needed, in an affectionate, all encompassing, welcoming  embrace.

We, too, have a net protecting us through the possible mishaps of our earth adventures.
This super strong, ever supportive, always available protector is The Divine Matrix

It is a symbol of unconditional caring.  It supports us unquestioningly on our journey.  It is always looking to help us move to a position of even greater strength and power. 

And it functions through quantum energy magically weaving its way in, through and around  everything...taking care of All That Is

..protecting each and every one of us who is so brave as to temporarily forget our Divine nature, to forget Who We Really Are and, through our intention to experience duality, take on the confusion and distress of life in earth school.

And here is the most significant thing about The Matrix.  

Where we possess the awareness of our limited experience..bounded by the parameters bordering OUR life, The Matrix has the awareness of All That Is and provides for The Greatest Good for EVERYONE

We no longer need to worry that the decisions we make are the best for all concerned or even for ourselves.  The Matrix knows the most creative and successful path and WE are a part of the Matrix.

When our consciousness is attached to earth school we cannot access universal knowledge but  The Matrix does it for us.  

All that we need do is observe and accept Life Unfolding in The Matrix for this exquisitely wise and beautiful process presents us - and everyone - with the exact thing we need (be it a challenge or opportunity) to help propel us forward in our quest to learn the lessons we have chosen for ourselves.

The Matrix is our net
a quantum, universal inter"NET" and we are always and truly safe there.  

                      Marie Helena

image from aflockofpixels.blogspot.com

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