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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Moonbeam Laden Trail

AND elegance
AND goodness

OF AN ENCHANTING CREATURE who bestows love and beauty upon everyone whose life she encounters!

Imagine the generosity of the  love emanating from her heart, touching everyone in her radius!

Imagine THE MOONBEAM LADEN TRAIL she leaves behind as she moves through life, anticipating her next adventure!

Now...imagine this beautiful creature is YOU!

And it's not impossible to envision yourself as this kind and compassionate...and very generous...mentor.



We begin by embracing our humanity, the work of the soul, in which we recognize and acknowledge and experience our very human reactions to things which trigger our unhealed hurts.  

This is the arena  where our subconscious kicks  in, the ninety-six per cent of the power which drives our behavior.  The place where the shenpa occurs (the space of time when our trigger is activated and the flash BEFORE we react).  

In this holy juncture, this twinkling in time,  we have the opportunity to choose our next move...the thoughts we think...and if, at this very point, we choose to think with our heart, we will be guided to express that beautiful thought and we will intuitively know how to do this.

And when our hearts are directing the story of our life, that story becomes infused with gentlenesssoftness and caring and we speak and act from that place...

By asking someone if something is concerning or troubling them when they speak words of anger or irritation...

By seeing in someone's face or movements evidence of a struggle or unexpressed emotions and holding space for them as they navigate the murky waters...

By trying to understand the intent behind someone's actions or words that felt confusing or troubling to us and asking them to help us understand their feelings.


One...even ONE choice...one movement in the direction of openness and expansion and generosity and love will be the moonbeam to bring Light  into the moment. 

Love grows exponentially and one expression of love will beget more and more expressions of love.  Before long, the entire direction of a moment will be anchored solidly on an upward path.

And it is our choice, our impulse to move beyond the EGO REACTION of something-is-coming-at-me to the HEART SPACE of how-
-can-I-bring-Light-to-this-moment that is the catalyst for the transformation.

If we do not make a conscious decision in the direction of love, our subconscious will do its work of activating more of whatever is our prevailing emotion and, if we are already upset by something, even more of that upset will be downloaded.

The choice is ours.

If we aspire to giving loving energy in every moment of our life with every person we encounter,

in every place we go, 

with every soul choice we make in our moments of challenge and dismay...

we CAN become that enchanting creature who always leaves evidence of love in her wake by connecting to and touching the hearts of all who have the privilege of encountering her!

                                      Marie Helena

image from fairiesfanpage.yolasite.com

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