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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Ride of Your Life

Spiritual writer Eckhaart Tolle comments often about the power of the Present Moment and the importance of our acceptance of it.  

Recently, I encountered
a quote of his in which he goes beyond that guidance, instructing us to do more than just take the Moment and reconcile ourselves to it.

Here is the leap he is recommending.

"Accept - then act.  Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it." 

And Tolle promises us that this action "will miraculously transform" our whole lives.

What a  powerful concept to consider!  

This action would ensure a strong forward movement in life without the doubts and misgivings that we sometimes harbor about the choices of our actions.

If we were actually able to do as Tolle suggests, what would that say about us?

It would say that we trust we are unconditionally loved and cared for.

It would say we have an unshakable faith in the wisdom of  Divine Guidance.

It would say that we understand that everyone and everything exists together in the Divine Matrix.

It would say  we are not attached to the whisperings of our ego.

It would say we have chosen the creativity and excitement of the spiritual evolutionary path over the comfort of old " fixes".

It would say that we watch with anticipation and expectation for synchronicities to show up and point us to areas of our lives that need attention.

What a system!  

Could  it be more perfect?
If you were to take an audit on the stipulations listed above...where would you land? 
Are you ready to take the ride of your life?

image from sacredgeometry.com au 
Geometric formations are mathematical formulae that describe states of universal order. The various shapes have the ability to generate the same proportional systems that govern the fundamental processes of creation. Each shape contains information about the universal dynamics that issue from Source and link all levels of creation.

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  1. What an exceptionally powerful concept!! Once we make a decision on our own, it is always one that we fully follow because we own it. To accept the present moment as one we have specifically chosen, means we fully commit to our immediate and full participation in that moment. Therefore, each moment is full of meaning for each person's specific journey. What a ride is waiting each one of us!