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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Acknowledging a Mother's Love

As we celebrate the beautiful occasion of Mother's Day, it is natural to wonder how we can let that someone special know how deeply she has touched our life.

Perhaps we can do this by noticing the way we have been affected through the very experience of being in her PRESENCE as we witness:
... her kindness and caring and acts of service

...her commitment to help us keep growing and discover our gifts

...her unending faith in our goodness

...her delight
in learning of the adventures of our lives.  And perhaps, most importantly, by witnessing the way she moves through the challenges of her life.

Giving voice or words to these thoughts would be a beautiful acknowledgment of a life well lived...

but even just the REFLECTION alone places them into the universal consciousness

...honoring the LOVE we have received from our mothers and adding to the treasure of GRACE illuminating the world.

                                                                             Marie Helena

originally printed May 3, 2011

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