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Monday, July 18, 2011

Amazing Work Project in Progress!

With all of the media hype about having the perfect body (and what wonderful things this will bring us) it is easy to get into a somewhat negative mind set about our lives and the earthly vehicle in which we travel.

No, I don’t mean your SUV or Honda or even the reworked antique you inherited from a distant family member

I am talking about our bodies…those wonderful spiritual/physical/emotional/mental mechanisms which we inhabit and which move us from one adventure to the next.

Our bodies are simply amazing. The work they ceaselessly perform for us is astounding. No days off for the beating heart. We need it 24/7. When we cut ourselves our body pharmacy goes to work repairing the damage.

And here’s something else the body does…it expresses for us in a physical way what our emotional/spiritual/mental struggles are trying to tell us.

That’s plenty hard work. And it can get tired. And somewhat worn down.
It carries the story of our lives.

The body is IN all the way. The constant companion to our Spirit.

We have so much to be grateful for…even every stiff and creaky feeling we sometimes experience. Even the sore throats and colds and occasional flu.

Our body has gone the distance with us. It’s the record of all of our challenges and struggles. It is a testimony to our courage and bravery and sometimes it keeps going under the pressure of extreme distress.

Let’s show our wonderful bodies love and appreciation for being our companion in earth school. We all have the perfect body for what we have come here to do and learn...an amazing gift from Spirit.

My EARTHLY FORM reflects the Work I have chosen to undertake and I
congratulate and celebrate the Body which embraces this awesome journey.

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  1. I love the phrase, "My body is IN all the way." I never quite thought of it that way.