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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Of Magic Wands and Messages

Every one of us has A MAGIC WAND. I imagine it as an air-light, golden baton with a dragonfly at the tip and beautiful fairy waiting for instructions.

Our magical wand performs whatever we request.

Just as the orchestra conductor directs his musicians, we influence the flow of the sacred and precious gift of our ENERGY.

We can direct our energy vibrations into a slump downwards if we think negative thoughts…if we worry, complain, feel anxious.

Plunk…there it goes. “Now who made that happen?” we ask.

We can also take the wand and swing it UPWARDS into higher vibrations…by noticing what is beautiful all around us and feeling gratitude for our gifts…by expressing love and compassion to the earth and its inhabitants…by noticing the baby toad crossing our path as we walk…by hugging trees and smiling at the sky.

Oh, yes, WE are the ultimate maestros…with our baton poised to move into action at any second.

The question is: what MESSAGE (music) are we giving to our energetic flow?

Here are some beautiful ways to use this fascinating inheritance.

If we are feeling an ache in our body, we can send that spot a surge of this powerful force.

We can also direct this gift to others. If we envision ourselves as a clear crystal, we can reflect our beautiful light and energy outward...to help with someone’s healing.

We can also send our energy into the world to use wherever it is needed.

With this EXQUISITE GIFT in our possession, it is so important to be aware of HOW we are using its magic.

Don’t forget to don your magician’s cape today and make a conscious choice about the messages you are broadcasting to yourself and the world!

animated image courtesy of WEBWEAVER'S FREE CLIP ART

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