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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Heavenly Interventions

Sometimes we feel truly stuck in a disagreement. We can see things from our perspective so clearly and we cannot understand why others are so rigid in their perceptions.

Egos (ours and others’) get involved; hurts are resurrected and it becomes very difficult to find our way to a harmonious solution to the problem.

Here is a method I happened upon (Divine Inspiration, no doubt) that has helped me immensely whenever I felt myself unable to move from my position in a dilemma .

Whenever I have an unresolved conflict with another, I deliberately choose to do something positive for that person…perhaps it’s the giving of a gift (often the method I choose)…but it can also be a compliment or a supportive action.

And it’s not that I feel like doing it. In fact, emotionally speaking…I usually do NOT feel like doing it.

But I have come to realize the immense power in taking this step.

This action cuts through the static of what is occurring
affirms the beauty of the relationship I have
with another.

These gestures have NEVER failed to lessen the tension and somehow change the nature of the conflict. Reminding someone that he is cared for and giving a special symbol of that caring somehow breaks the stronghold of hurt feelings and bruised egos. It gets to the center, the core of our caring.

After I take this step, issues seem to correct themselves. It’s really fascinating to watch this occur.

On one particular occasion I bought flowers for someone with whom I had an ongoing conflict. On the way to the store to buy the flowers, I remember mumbling to myself that I didn’t feel like doing this, but I have learned to listen to these HEAVENLY INTERVENTIONS.

When I presented the flowers to the person locked in the conflict with me, he asked if this was for his “good” behavior. I answered that I had just felt like I wanted to bring flowers to him.

Moments later, he came to my office, stood at the door with a very emotional look in his eyes and softly said, “No one has ever brought me flowers before.”

Wow! So very amazing! What a response! Such beautiful wisdom so readily available to us when we open ourselves and receive the inspiration!

I now have a reputation with others for buying gifts when I am experiencing an unresolved conflict. When my daughters and I have a particularly spirited discussion they will often ask if this means they are going to get a present from me.

Smiles all around. They are acknowledging the LOVE that exists between us and enjoying how it occasionally gets manifested.

In the end, affirming our underlying love and caring for another at a time of discord can be a challenging order but it is ALWAYS a very effective step to take to bring a calming presence to an uncomfortable situation.

The Divine Universe (our Eternal CEO) always knows the best way to return to peace.

Unresolved CONFLICT
sometimes masks
the Beautiful Bond
I have with another.
I bring this Joy
to the LIGHT
and watch the issue
fade away.

Mystic Marks: Bookmarks for the Soul

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