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Friday, July 15, 2011

Knock Three Times

Some years ago a friend of mine made the remark that if a particular book was mentioned to him by someone on three different occasions…

this was a sign that he should check it out…that there was apparently something in that book that he needed to know.

I often think of that formula and have found that the Divine Universe delivers many, many messages to us beyond the suggestion of book titles…in fact, it may very well tell us everything we need to know.

Its delivery system is subtle, intricate and creative. Everything and everyone around us are potential methods of delivery. Once we grasp that fact, all we have to do is LISTEN...and I mean listen with a full and open heart for the messages of the Universe.

I recently wrote the blog post on Forgiveness because the concept came up three times in my life in close succession. One of those deliveries was a very personal, pointed one when someone asked me why I had not yet written a piece on Forgiveness.

It doesn’t have to take the three knocks to get through to us…one will do if we are particularly tuned in.

Here’s another message that keeps showing up in my life: the stunning red cardinal. I learned that the appearance of the cardinal is a message to honor the body and choose wisely how we care for it.

I see cardinals ALL the time.

There’s another component to using this delivery system. It has to do with how we feel about ourselves.

Messages do us no good if we do not feel we deserve to get them. We may offhandedly notice them and then pass by thinking…nothing here for me…I’m not that important…or worthy of that kind of attention…it all seems too strange and wonderful for me to be attended to in this way.

But the fact is that each and every one of us is worthy of this attention…deserves it. It is a birthright…even more important…a soul right. We are, all of us, loved beyond measure and the proof of that love is everywhere around us.

If we watch for the messages that gently (and sometimes not so gently) enter into our lives…if we decide with gentle acceptance that we are being cared for and that we will place some energy into what is being brought to our attention…if we do this in a gentle way that shows great compassion to ourselves, we will see miracles occurring in our life.

The changes that we have wanted to make will feel much easier.

These miracles come because we have accepted our worthiness and the fact that we are loved and cared for and we have softly embraced the message of where we need to place our attention next.

I have mentioned gentleness so many times because I feel it is a very important component of success. The messages come from love…are delivered with love…and need us to gently attend to them. Not with a bang…but a whisper. The whispers by which love often travels.

It is so very easy to judge ourselves…the path to releasing that judgment is a challenging one and we need to traverse it supported by Love and all of creation.

The messages are in your life…gently and patiently waiting to be discovered. Are you willing to hear and answer this Divine Delivery System?

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