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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Next Grandest Version

We always seem to get ourselves into trouble when we assume the worst…when we feel overlooked or uncared for because of someone’s action or lack of action…

so why do we keep following this path?

If we believe that everyone always acts according to the energy, information and wisdom available to him at any time…then there is no reason to assume the worst.

However, when we forget this simple fact… and get lost in our little place in the universe wrapped up in what we feel we need (or want), it’s a pretty easy jump to the conclusion that someone does not care enough about us or that we are not important to him.

But, when we stop for a moment to remember that each of us is traveling on our own path and unraveling our earth-bound cares and that we are all witnesses and observers and supporters to this work of our fellow earth dwellers…we can understand that this process sometimes interferes with the way we might want things to unfold.

But, instead of being a cause for distress and hurt, this can be an opportunity to offer Love and Compassion to each other.

Every moment of life offers us another opportunity to grow and transform ourselves.

Assuming the Best is one of the most beautiful ways to extend support and caring to each other and, in the process, move one step further to what Neale Donald Walsch calls Our Next Grandest Version of Ourselves!

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