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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Joyful Delights

In my last blog post, Wave Goodbye, I talked about exercising our magnificent imagination to help us introduce new habits into our life so today I went searching for images that would help me do just that.  

I wanted a picture that was light, inspiring and full of natural beauty

My goal is to lift my attention to the wondrous gifts surrounding us in nature…to highlight what we have inherited on earth…to help me remember the joyful delights I sometimes pass by without seeing.

I want to instill a new habit into my life…a connection with the gifts of the earth which will make me look at them with profound appreciation and will influence me to choose to bring those gifts more closely into my life 

By noticing the flower petals that have fallen on the dew-laden leaves. 

By noticing the succulent allure of the bowl of oranges hiding on the second shelf of the  fridge, eagerly waiting for re-discovery.  

By breathing in the spectacular, ever changing color-hues of our sky (original art accessible to us…new and breathtaking…every single day). 

I don’t want to walk by the opulence of nature.  I want to develop AN  INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP  with it.  Breathe it in.  Let it nourish me with its purity and joy…such exquisite food for the body and soul.

This is how I am working on cultivating my new habit.  I am using my love of nature and art and my intention to LIVE IN THE MOMENT
This is where my imagination has led me today.

Where is yours taking you?

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