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Monday, July 25, 2011

Alligators, Elephants and Angels

Have you noticed any
ALLIGATORS snapping at your feet lately?

Alligators are the troublesome thoughts that won't go away because your ego wants some attention and it is kicking up loudly but deep down inside you know what is producing this feeling and do not approve.

Hold that alligator in your mental image of a room.

We are going to introduce another animal into the picture right in the middle of that space…the ELEPHANT.

Now we know that a huge elephant sitting smack in the middle of a room represents a BIG PROBLEM we are NOT talking about (“the elephant in the room”).

We are going to use that awareness and be brave and choose to name the alligator (the issue that is bothering us) and thereby use the elephant to capture the alligator.

(Don't worry...even though the alligator looks menacing, when the elephant is on the scene and his power has been activated by our naming the issue, he can plop himself right down on the creature and make him behave. And there won't be any real life disasters to clean up here...these creatures are just figments of a very active imagination)

When we name the ALLIGATOR snapping at our heels we use the ELEPHANT to bring LIGHT into the picture..to acknowledge our very human reaction to some need we are feeling, to extend compassion to ourselves and after some reflection, hopefully to choose unconditional love as the path we wish to follow.

When we take ourselves through these healing steps the alligator and elephant morph into their true image..the ANGEL (who is obviously donning disguises to help us get some clearance on our emotional baggage).

Those mischievous angels...it's pretty clear Halloween is one of their favorite holidays!

Clip art courtesy of DailyClipArt.net


  1. Wow. This is a very creative way of looking at our issues. I am going to enjoy spending some time identifying alligators and elephants.

  2. One interpretation--

    A (alligator) = a submerged, troubling, ego centric thought (we know is not good)

    E (elephant in the room) = obvious, but unnamed issue

    We can use E to name A, acknowledge our reactions to A, then tackle A with compassion, reflection and unconditional love to find the best outcome for ourselves.

    We can count on the angels to provide clever and transforming ways to bring us along on our personal life paths.